Best Animation Course Training Institute

Best Animation Course Training Institute in Hyderabad: Build your professional portfolio, develop your best skills with our 3D animation course training. Career is in high demand, extraordinary remuneration and better future among all industries.

Mantrick Studios 3D animation training, gives our students profound, deep creative thinking, talent enhancement, better understanding to reach a high position in your task. Enhance the best knowledge in technological aspects, science-oriented to it, artistic work practice.

We update our syllabus according to the current trend, requirements, tools, and other advancements demanded by the industry.

Your dream about creating your own animated image, striking effects in the 3D movie will come true with our coaching and your efforts.Just contact mantrick studios and grab the chance to learn under such an excellent mentor to fly high in the air with a better understanding of how to design a mind-blowing animation based on industry standards. We direct you to use the 3D animation software used to develop and 3D models and 3D animation.

Our Training Highlights :

  • 100% Placement Oriented Training
  • In House Training Company with a Decade Experience
  • Project oriented Training
  • Industry relevant Curriculum

Facilities & Infrastructure:

  •  Art, Design and Animation studio
  • Digital Labs
  • Blue Matte Studio, Editing Suite and specialized Post-Production facilities
  • Library / Online learning resources

Our Students Recruited by Companies like these:


Our Students Speak:

Best Support

“Even after the course I have a strong rapport with the senior staff of  Mantricks. Just thought I will share a motivating experience of mine recently.”


Industry Relavant Training

“Mantricks played very big part in my life. My talents and creativities are exposed because of Mantricks. It has a very Good Coaching than any other Institutes.”


 Our course enlightens on the following aspects:

• Method of becoming a better animator
• Sketching basics
• Create animated 3D models
• Own animated movie making skills

These help in becoming the best animator with unbound skills. We encourage our students to work with advanced technologies, software. The guiding faculty is consummate and professional 3D animators, they are actively making animation at present in the industry. Each staff is versatile and experienced in a unique manner.

Our coaching is the better option for students who are willing to learn about 3D animation and the course structure also familiarizes students on brief ideas on other industries includes architectural modeling, game design.

During the course, they are trained well to animate models that can be used as their portfolio while applying for job opportunities. The zeal to complete the course along with other students encourages in possessing a long term relationship with their colleagues which makes them a prospective employer.

The job offers after course completion are from different fields such as

• Animation Studios
• Gaming Companies
• Television Channels
• Advertising Agencies 
• Film Production Companies

Eligibility: Good interest

Preference: studio art and computer programs (Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop)

Benefits: intense hands-on; no prior experience required.

The scope of learning Animation at our esteemed training center:

The training is intense, clear, good for beginners, ambitious students. The different options in further studies are

• Modern Animation – make use of photographs alone of drawings that are drawn on paper using a pen or pencil.

• Stop Motion Animation –realistic manipulation of real-world objects and photographing in a single frame of a film.)

• Computer Animation – the two major branches are 2D Animation and 3D Animation. (2D is graphics related; 3D graphics designed with a 3D polygon mesh.

• Mechanical Animation – teaches variant styles and techniques.

Course structure:

The topics covered under the structure are
• Design
• Storyboarding
• 3D Modelling
• Texturing / Shading
• Rigging
• 3D Animation
• Compositing
• Rendering
• Crafting original visual effects 

• Software training branches out in higher education on Adobe Photoshop, Auto Desk Maya, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animation, Dynamics.

 In the course, we cover intense training on fundamentals and finish with produce pipeline works. Our final motive is to make our students excel in the main aspect of the work of original 3D animation films. Students who are goal oriented reach great heights.