Visual Effects

Are you keen to create a perfect animated movie on your own? Do you want to create superheroes? Make movies with superheroes as LEAD ROLE? Mantricks train you to create perfect animated movies. They are a great range of Visual effect makers, but the well-known and shining people are very less. Choosing this career is gainful. The job market is completely packed with the influx of jobs.

This VFX (Visual effects) course branches are all over India and the number of admissions and openings are seen. The basic requirement in this course is an inventive mind, proficiency in making sketches, minimal science understanding capability and basic computer knowledge aids in that is trained for at the course time.

The reality is your vision. Our company is a very well developed VFX brand covering a broad area of the digital matte painting to final compositing. Our students lead in all divisions. Also, we ensure our training insists students concentrate more on live products. Mantrick Studios bestow a standard approach to enhance and motivate students to face all situations in a bold manner to face work pressure throughout their careers. The entire curriculum is trained by professionals who are “the best” in the VFX industry arena.

As we are training them to international standards and shape them accordingly, we are motivated to achieve top position in teaching every aspect of visual effect starting from conceptualization to completion with our expert faculty. The students are encouraged to understand the multimedia basics and also driven to understand the subject in depth.

The comprehensive training is to make them excel in the demanding market.

• Subjects offered Introduction to 3D
• Maya Interface
• 3D Modeling
• Basic Animation
• Shading
• Lighting
• Dynamics
• Paint Effect
• Vehicle Modeling
• Character Modeling
• UV Texturing
• Rigging
• Character Animation
• Matchmove
• Advanced Dynamics
• Photo Realistic Lighting
• Per-requests : 3D Essential
• Concepts of Compositing
• Rotoscoping
• Mattes/Channels
• Color Correction
• 3D Compositing
• Tracing / Stabilization
• Paint / Wire-removals
• Blue/Green Screen Keying
• Particle System
• Digital Photography
• Digital Imaging
• 3D Essentials
• Storyboard
• 3D Advanced
• Compositing
• Motion Graphics
• Internship
• Show Reel

Teaching quality:
As the students are just foot-pedaling their career, but in our success stories up till now, almost all got placed in a reputed and industries best companies or collaborations. Placements in our own studio or in other firms such as

Encouraging healthy relationships with important growth tricks are nurtured while studying it. We conduct pre-placement coachings and personal interviews are conducted to improve the weak points and motivate them to manipulate it. We wish our trainees and the trainers to touch more success and we promise you to have the same once joined.