Mantrick Studios is the only institute in the country, where Animation and VFX are taught TOGETHER as a discipline. At Mantrick Studios, we make students go through each and exhaustively to turn you into a well-rounded seasoned professional. Packed with a lot of thought, at Mantrick Studios, our students learn multiple processes, and over time, develop their own, signature style of project execution, which is very important for any professional to develop in any creative field.

At Mantrick Studios, an apprentice-student receives 360-degree comprehensive training to make his/her fully industry-ready. He gets to learn the latest production pipelines and automation tools, where the maximum emphasis is on seamless process flows, so that they are eventually able to execute projects independently, and meet deadlines, even under extreme time pressure.

The main focus of our training programs is on create exceptionally talented professionals who can outshine their peers in the industry. Our certified faculty of industry veterans makes sure they familiarize their students with the latest tools, techniques and industry best practices, apart from core skill development. To ensure lucrative placements and longevity of their career, Mantrick Studios also provides them soft skill development avenues and mock-up interview drills etc.